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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I finally got another digital camera today from my mom and dad in-law! I am so happy! I had to put "precious" (Digital Camera #1) down a few months ago and haven't been the same since! Now I have "Precious #2"! I took some pictures of our daughters clothes and little things that we have gotten along the way and thought I would share them! Hope that you all had a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finally, A Tree

We finally got our Christmas Tree up last night! Elias said to me the other day, "Mom, why doesn't our house look like everyone elses house?" It was then that I realized that Christmas was less than 2 weeks away and we had not put up a tree, decorations, or done ANY Christmas shopping! We finally got the tree and decorated it last night. Elias and I made home made gingerbread ornaments, which turned out really well! He made 2 ornaments at the Christmas tree place and then we had a few from last year! So we are on our way to a Merry Christmas! Hope you guys are all in the Christmas spirit!!!!!! XOXO The Sharp 3 :)

Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, after a panicked phone call, a call to my mom in sheer agony, a phone call to my agency and a call to the Big Man Upstairs, I think we are okay as far as the regulations go! I was beginning to freak just a bit. This is one amazing rollercoaster ride, I'll tell ya that! But it's one that I wouldn't get off of for a million dollars... (then again for a million dollars, we could get back in line for 2 more baby girls!) I have attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure :) Peace and Love!
*Not sure why the pictures on the side is sideways, but I can't fix it!! UGH!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And the Rollercoaster continues....

Well, the CCAA set down some pretty tough ground rules the other day that just might push Shannon and I right out of the wait. Among them....
* Beginning 1/1/07 the CCAA is raising its service fee. * No big deal... it's just money right. ugh
* No single dossiers accepted after 5/1/07 * Happily Married - out of this one!
* Changes to the waiting child program *
* weight restriction - * I think we are okay on this one too
* substance abust * None of that stuff for us!
* health problems * Thank God we are all healthy!
* minimum net worth requirements ($80,000.00 NET WORTH!!!!!!) Wow! I am not sure what to think about this! I don't know if we have $80,000.00 net worth!

So here we have it. I emailed my agency tonight at work and asked them what was going on. I don't want to spend all of this money and have all of our paperwork sent to China and then be rejected! That is too too much on the old ticker! Not to mention the wait is expected to increase to 24 months here shortly. Ugh. Is it so wrong to want another baby????? I just don't know what to think about all of this really. I will post more when I hear back from my agency. I can't talk about it anymore.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My favorite... I love this man!!!!!!!!!!
Me and Shannon at the wedding....

Me and Elias at the wedding....

Elias was in my friend Celeste's wedding in October. I went to college with Celeste, and Elias and I were in her wedding. He was soooo cute, although he didn't make it very long in the wedding! Elias was the ring bearer and Celeste's neice Taylor was the flowergirl.

Some pictures of what we have been up to lately! This is Tanner (left) Elias (middle) and Cole (right). These are Elias's best friends... awww :)


We are once again back on the road to get our daughter! After some bumps in the road, after much much praying and then some more praying, we are on our way to paperchasing! I am so thrilled and so is the family! We have alot to do and so much to be thankful for! Check back often because we have alot going on!!!!! Happy Holidays! Peace and Love!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Nothing going on right now. Litterally nothing. Very disappointed at this point. Please pray for us. Thanks :) The Sharps 3
P.S. Elias can say the Pledge of Allegiance

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I just want to hug my mom...

Well, last Thursday was the very first soccer practice. Elias was so very cute in his little (and I do mean little) cleats and shinguards. We got to the field about 15 minutes before practice, so all of the kids were running around, playing with the balls, and in the mud. The coach finally comes to practice and rallies all the kids around and is trying to "coach" them. They are four-year-olds. Remember this... About half way through practice, Elias just stops what he is doing and starts walking towards the bench where I am sitting. The coach yells, "Elias, where are you going? Practice is still going, we need you!" He turns to her and says, "I just want to go hug my mom." How cute the people beside me say, that's so sweet the people in front of me say. I know he's up to something. Elias comes and sits on the bench beside me and after the hug he says, "I'm tired. I'm not playing anymore." My friend who was sitting beside me says, "Elias, the people on your team need you! They can't play without you!" He gets up and walks about 5 or 6 steps and turns back to my friend and says, "You know, I didn't think about it that way." How cute is that? First game is Saturday... Can't wait to see what kind of stunt he is going to play on game day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Application Approved!

Well, we sent our application in on Saturday the 19th (?) and Kathi called today from CCAI and said that we were approved!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I sounded like a blubbering idiot because I had (have) been up for about 28 hours when she called. Anyway, long story short, we are in! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!! Gracelin, we are coming as fast as we can!!!!


Funny Little story...
For the past few days, Elias has been referring to his baby sister as MiMi. Not Choppen-Sticks, not Gracelin, not even baby. I asked him how came up with that name and he said, "Actually(his new word of the week), mom, that's her name." At the time I paid no attention to it what-so-ever. Tonight I was at work looking at a few things on the computer and came across the Chinese name for little sister. It's "Mei-Mei" Pretty cute, huh?

Monday, August 21, 2006


I mailed our application on Saturday August 19th and I got an email today saying that they got it. I should hear back from them in 5 business days (why soooo long???) via phone call and email. Pray that it's good news. I'll keep y'all posted. Peace and Love.... The Sharps 3

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Milestones....

Well, the date for the home study is official! We are doing it September 8th, so please pray for us that day... often. I will be sending the application to CCAI tomorrow as well. A big next few weeks I should say! I have been running here and there and everywhere getting the papers together that I need for the HS (homestudy). Here what I have to come up with:
1. DSS Form to complete a Child Protective Services Clearance
2. Medical Report that has to be completed by a DR for all three of us.
3. Financial report (uh-oh)
4. Copies of tax records for past 3 years
5. An Autobiography each (20ish pages)
6. Reference Release
7. SLED Clearance
8. Copies of Birth Certs for everyone in the home
9. Copy of Marriage License
10. Discharge papers for Shannon getting out of the Army
11. Health Insurance Verification
12. Copy of Drivers License
13. Dimensions of Gracelin's bedroom
14. Photo of our Mugs
Phew.. I'm exhausted just typing it! And this is just for the homestudy. Multiply that by about 10 for our Dossier. Anyway, that's what I have been busy with? How bout ya'll. How have you been???
Peace and Love....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Soccer Time Baby!

I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my bleeding chest.... No, not really! My baby has grown up! I signed Elias up for soccer tonight! That's right, and extra curricular activity that doesn't include ME correcting him! WOO HOOO!!! I hope that he has a great time playing and making friends! And I hope that they run them so hard that he goes straight to bed when he gets home. I know, I know, so much for wishing right! If any of you want a game schedule, let me know! I know he would love to see ya there! I hope that he learns a lot, and I hope that he is a good sport! I can't wait to see him in his little jersey and cleats and shin guards... awwww what a cutie patootie! I'll stop now. Write more soon! Peace and Love!
The Sharps 3 :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just say no to rocks!

We were leaving to go to Target tonight and Elias found this really cool rock by the mail box. He is into this "rock dellecting" thing these days and has maybe 6 or 7 rocks in his bedroom on the dresser. Well, he found this really cool rock that was round, maybe the size or a bit bigger than a popcorn kernel. Shannon told Elias that he didn't think it would be a good idea to take the rock to Target because it was such a cool rock, and someone may take it. What he was REALLY trying to say was please don't bring this rock in the car because it will get stuck in the vacuum next week. Anyway, we are almost in the parking lot at Target and Elias pipes up from the back, "Hey mom and dad, we have a problem back here." I turn around and he has this rock stuck up his nose! I laughed so hard that I had a hard time taking control of this situation and was unable to stop Shannon from almost taking a stroke. We whip into the parking lot and both Shannon and I jump out of the car and open the back doors to get this ROCK out of his nose. I put my finger again the nostril that is minus the rock and tell him to blow really hard. This little rock comes shooting out of his nose and lands on the floor board. I do not pick it up at this time because Elias realized the situation and started crying because he had a rock booger. I got a huge laugh out of this, but my husband nor my son found it amusing at all. It's the first time that Elias has done something silly like that, but I'm sure it won't be the last! Peace and Love!

Swept Away...

I heard a song the other day and I just had to share. It brought tears to my eyes!
Swept Away By Geoff Moore :) I hope I spelled that right!
We would say your name a hundred times a day
Like speaking words in faith.
With a mixture of hope and fear and love.
We prayed for strength to wait.
And dreamed of how you'd feel the day
You'd be in our arms
And swept away, caught up in our love
Home to stay, you'll never be alone.
You'll be amazed at how much you are loved
When you're swept away.
What once was just dream is reaching out to me
I hold her in my arms.
Lord, thank you for the way you held her all those days
That we had to be apart.
And now I see the possible dream is holding me
And I'm swept away caught up in your love
Home to stay, I'll never be alone
I'm amazed at how much I am love
Our lives will never be the same
I've been swept away.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

His sister "Choppen-Sticks"

My mom, my sister, Elias and I were in the car the other day on our way to the store. I was telling my mom and sister about Elias' curiosity about his sister and him being a big brother. Every night when he says his prayers, he always prays for his baby sister and that God will keep her safe until we get her. Very cute. Anyway, we are in the car and I asked Elias, "Elias, what are we going to name our new baby?" He thought about it for a minute. And he said very matter of factly, "Choppen Sticks". My face turned bright red. I didn't know if I should laugh or not. Then of course I couldn't help but laugh at his innocence. My mom and my sister both start laughing and he is just sitting there with his mouth wide open and he looked like he was going to cry. He said, "Why are you laughing at me?" After I composed myself, I said, "Why do you want to name her that?" And bless his heart, he said,"Mom, remember when me and you and daddy went to that place to eat for daddy's birthday? And they cooked with fire and I ate with choppen-sticks? That's my favorite thing to do, so I wanted to name her choppen-sticks cause they are my favorite. " We went to Miyabi's Japanese Steakhouse for Shannon's birthday this year and he was just amazed with everything. Rewind a few weeks...
I bought the National Geographic DVD "China's Lost Daughter's" and he wants to watch that everyday. He knows that his sister will not look like him, but he does know now what Chinese people look like. He put two and two together with the people at the restraunt, and his favorite thing at the restaurant and there you have Choppen-sticks.
Rest assured, that is not her name. I just thought that was so precious and had to share!

Things to be thankful for...

I know that it isn't Thanksgiving, but I have so much to be thankful for.

1. An amazing husband that understands me inside and out and loves me just the same.
2. A smart 4 year old son that makes me smile and reassures my feelings everyday that we are doing the right thing by bringing his sister "choppen-sticks" home. (story to follow)
3. Unbelievable friends that stand right beside me through fire, rain and sun. They are so ready for their baby girl to come home.
4. Jobs that allow the flexibility for both me and my husband to get things done for this adoption!
5. A nice house and a stinky unruly dog. (ugh)
6. A family that is so supportive through this whole process. I am just amazed at their certainty that our daughter will be a part of our family and that they are doing everything in their power to help bring her home. I am forever thankful that I am a part of this family and I know that our daughter is so blessed to be a part of this family as well.
7. A God that loves me enough to place in my heart a desire to adopt. He has big plans for our family and I am so thankful that I was able to listen and obey even through the darkest of days with trying to get pregnant. I am thankful for a son that is nothing short of a medical miracle, and again, thankful for a God that loves me enough to give me the desires of my heart. He did it then, and I know He will do it again!

We can't wait to see you baby girl! You have a great big world over here and it is just waiting for you!

Monday, June 26, 2006

The thoughts in my head...

I thought about my baby girl alot today. We went to a birthday party today for my cousins son, and the kids were having a blast! Elias, our son, was having so much fun sliding down the big water slide in their front yard! I was just thinking that in a few years we will have a new addition to our family! I then wandered down the road called "What does she look like" and "When will we get her". I can't wait to wrap my arms around her and take care of her! It seems that she is all I talk about these days and I am trying to find ways to get her here, from selling plasma (yikes!) to having yard sales! But I know that the day will come that she will be home, and playing with her big brother! I can just see them sitting at the kitchen table eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and getting into all kinds of trouble! She is going to be so perfect and the answer to our prayers! Shannon has decided that he will call her "Gracie" , but I don't know if it will stick. He named Elias and he is the spitting image of his father! Down to his hands and little feet! So I think it's only fair that I get to name our daughter! Don't you agree? Oh, who am I kidding... Elias is a little mini-me and I wouldn't have it any other way! Peace and Love!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Well, another day and we have moved no closer to this whole adoption process than the day we decided to do this. Our plan is to save up some money, and get things done in steps. It's KILLING me! The way we are going, it will be 2020 before we are DTC!!!! And it will be our fault! BUT, things will happen in time..... We got our first "baby" gift this weekend. My mom took my 4 year old son and I to NC for a little R & R. We were walking through a store, and my mom saw the cutest toile and pink and while polka-dot diaper bag! I was ohhing and ahhing over it. I walked away and don't you know she tricked me and got it! My mom rocks! When I grow up I wanna be just like her! Peace and Love!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


My name is Penny and this is my adorable husband Shannon. We have been married for 51/2 years now and we have a beautiful 4 year old son. We live in "The Holy City" aka Charleston, SC.
We are in the beginning phase of adopting a daughter from China. We don't know how she is yet, in fact I am pretty sure she hasn't even been born! It will take us probably a year and a half to two years until she is home. That's okay though, I know it will be worth the wait! We are all very excited to be embarking on this journey and we hope that you will join us! I have to admit up front that it may take me a while to get used to this whole blogging thing! I'm kind of computer illiterate! But I will do my best to keep you all update with the latest and greatest! Until next time... Peace and Love to all!