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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where IS My Sister??

Elias always wonders where exactly Norah is. He talks about her alot, which is really cute! So, Aunt Laura gave Elias an inflatable globe and we circled China and then the US. Now he can look at it and see where she is!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Homestudy, Finally!

We have the date for our home study! We will be doing the first one February 19th at 9:00. Now all of you that know us, know that we are not early risers! Even Elias will sleep until at least 10 if we would let him! But we are going to live a little and try getting up at zero dark thirty! Please say a prayer for us that things will go smoothly! It should only take about an hour and a half!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Monday!

What a wonderful weekend! Friday night Valarie and I had a girls night! It was needed! We closed on our loan and our girls night turned into a celebration! We went to a children's boutique in Mt. Pleasant at the Towne Center. This place was amazing! Val bought Norah a cute little back pack that is red and purple and has ladybugs on it! I will post a picture in a few days! Then we had a really nice dinner on Sullivan's Island with NO KIDS!!!! How does that happen! It was so nice having that time and talking about things to come!
Earlier that day, my mom and I hit the outlets! Mom bought Norah a really cute purse and a picture frame.... as soon as we get that referral picture it will be in there! I got her a little teddy bear with a pink bow and a pink tutu on! I can't stand it! I want to buy everything!
On an even better note, my friend Peggy and her husband Paul just finished their paperchasing! I am so happy for them and I can't wait to see baby Gracie! I know that Gracie and Norah will be spending alot of time together as they grow! Awww she already has a friend! I am so thankful that God has placed people around us that are adopting from China as well! I will post some pictures as soon as I can! For now it's off to bed. I have to work tonight! XOXO

Friday, January 19, 2007

Well that settles it!

We have officially named our daughter:
Norah Catherine Sharp
Awww :) I LOVE that name because it means so much to so many people! My grandma, my mom and my sister are all Lenora. I just shortened it and added and "h" and there ya go! Sweet Norah! I am so thankful that we have such a supportive family going through all of this. And by family that also included friends that are family as well! Catherine was my dad's moms name. I never got the chance to meet her, but I hear she was a wonderful woman and mother. My parents named me Penny Catherine and I always knew that if I had a daughter her name would also be Catherine. Shannon's Aunt Laura's middle name is Katherine and so is his great-grandmas. So, there you have it! I am just thrilled pink about all of this! I love her and I can't wait to see her and hold her in my arms! XOXO

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What do YOU think???

As all of you know, we had originally planned to name our daughter Gracelin. We have called her this since day one, and that name seemed so appropriate then.
Well, we have changed our minds on the name and wanted to run a few names by all of you to see what you think. (I think there are only about 4 people that read this anyway, and I have asked you and I know what you think!)

So here goes:

Norah Catherine "CN" Sharp - Norah for my mom, sister and grandma, and Catherine for my dads mom and also a few lovely women on Shannon's side of the fam.
Addison Catherine "CN" Sharp - random name that I like.

So, questions, comments or concerns? Or maybe some names that YOU like??

Will write more soon!

XOXO The Sharp Three ( Can't wait til its 4)