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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

I have no idea why I do this to myself! I tell myself that I am going to be better at blogging and somehow it falls by the wayside! Oh well, we are having fun and that's what really matters, right? Right!

So let's see... Elias is out of school now and will be going into the 2nd grade next year. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was in diapers?? Man, that kid is growing up way too fast! It just breaks my heart! He has this really quirky personality. He is funny and way too charming. Everyone that he meets tells me that he is going to be an actor one day. Really? Ya think? Come to our house around 8:30 when it's bedtime and you will be amazed at the drama that unfolds! Tears and falling on the floor, begging and pleading, it truly is Oscar worthy. Wow. We aren't sure if we are going to keep him at the school he went to last year or move him. I am no particularly fond of the school he is going to now. But to switch him to the other public school would be way out of the way and even less sleep for me on the days that I work. We have toyed with Christian school, but money is a real factor these days and for some reason my tree is the back yard is bearing nothing. So we just need to think and pray on this one.
We have been going to the pool alot already and both of my babies are brown as bears! They are so good at the pool and I won't lie, I will tire them out on purpose so we can go back home and take a family nap. There is nothing like a nap after the pool!
Norah is amazing. I cannot believe that we have almost been home one year! It seems like yesterday we were in China being handed a baby that was screaming her face off! And she has just grown into this really cool kid that just takes my breath away!! Her favorite word these days is either NO or NOPE. Most times she will answer with Nope. Pretty cute. If you ask her how old she is she will tell you 2. She knows the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake and it is adorable to watch her do it! But one word of advice... There is a 50 song minimum. If you do it once, plan on sticking around for a while! She is just amazing. Her and Elias fight like cats and dogs. But the minute I scold her for something and put her in the naughty chair and turn my back, he is giving her candy or toys or her yaya. And then I send him to his room, she turns to me and gives me the what for and runs to his room and beats on the door until he opens it. I tolerate it. I let alot slide with the two of them. They have both been through so much this past year and for them to come out on top like they have just gives me a renewed passion to be their mom. They are awesome!

So here are a few pics for you. I am pretty tired and should be wrapping this party up right about now.

Sleep tight all :)

Norah and Grandpa at the beach

Norah and Sissy at the beach

I just love this picture

Handsome kid!

One of my favorites

Another favorite

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day at the pool...

Valarie and her kiddos came over yesterday and we enjoyed a lovely day at the pool! The weather was absolutely awesome! It was Mason's first time in the pool and she did great!! Both her and Norah feel asleep at some point along the way in the pool. My kids were pooped out by the time we got home! My friends Joey and Kerri and their little one Gabe came in from Georgia. They spent some time at the pool with us and then stayed the night before their vacation on Folly Beach. We had a great time and it was so good to see them! Enjoy the pics!!

**While I was sorting through the pics, there isn't one of Tanner. Tanner would be Norah's husband in 20ish years. They have this love for one another that is just so sweet! Anyway, not sure why there are no pics of Tanner. I need to work on that!! Bad Aunt Penny!!

Norah and Gabe having a snack :)

Mason, asleep

Norah, asleep

Kerri, Joey and Gabe

Cole and Elias

Ms. Mason before the bathing suit...




A Bugs Life...

Elias found this bug outside while he was playing... He thought it was pretty cool. And the bug was playing dead!! Really!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just wanted to post and let you all know that we are all alive and well here in the Sharp house :) It is not so easy to post everyday and we are pretty boring and low key....
Last Monday I got my wisdom tooth out. I was pretty stressed about it for sure, but it came out like a champ and I am not back to full power :)
Elias had his last day of school Thursday and I have to say, he did fabulous on his report card! He brought up ever single subject! We are so proud of him and we are just amazed at how much he has grown this year both physical and mentally!!!
Norah is just cruising right along. She is just the coolest thing ever! She and Elias are truly like 2 peas in a pod and he is so good with her. We are so blessed to have to really cool kids!
That's about all really... I will post some pics in the next day or so. We have been pooling and beaching it a good bit, so no time for sitting at home :)