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Monday, July 23, 2007

What's New...

There has been a lot going on in this little Sharp family lately! Let's see... I had some surgery which was AWESOME! And everything turned out great. I was out of work for 6 weeks which was really really nice! Then we went on a cruise for 7 days with all of Shannon's family (dad's side). I really did not want to come home! It was so great spending time with all of the fam without cellphones or computers and stuff. The day that we left for the cruise my little sister graduated from highschool which was pretty heartbreaking because she is not a baby anymore:( I remember so clearly the day she was born.
We finally got all of our stuff done for the dossier and I am going to send that bad boy off tomorrow! Yipeee! I am so glad that is done! I know that all of it is necessary, but man!
Saturday Gram had a garage sale for us and donated all of the money that we made to help with the adoption. Isn't that sweet. And Shannon's cousins had a lemonade stand set up and sold lemonade and gave us the proceeds from that as well! It was truly a family affair!
Elias starts kindergarten on August 20th. I am so sad and so happy at the same time! I just cant believe that he is old enough to go to kindergarten! But his little mind is a sponge and he will love it! That's about all for us! Hope you all are feelin the love! Peace out! The Sharp Three XOXO