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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, I have decided to come from under the rocks and update on the Sharp family. We are all alive and well and getting into the grove of a new and improved school year. We had a great summer, but it certainly went by fast!!! Here are a few things that we did and some things that we are doing!!

- We went to Myrtle Beach over Father's Day weekend... a long weekend :) It was so nice to be there with my mom and dad and sister and of course Shannon and the kids. There was no computer and we barely turned the TV on at all. There was a HUGE porch on the back of the house and we honestly spent more time there than anywhere else! Both of the kids loved the beach too. They were brown as little bears by the time we got home! We went to Broadway on the Beach and Barefoot landing. Shannon's mom and dad came down and spent a night with us too! It was alot of fun to just get away and play!!

- We are going to Disney in a few weeks and we are STOKED! We will be there from Sunday and coming home the following Saturday. I can barely sleep at night... Shannon doesn't want to go so it will just be me and mom taking the kids. We cannot wait!!

Here's the scoop on the cool kids:

- In the 2nd grade now
- LOVES StarWars and Lego and loves it even more when he is playing StarWars Legos
- He is a really good reader and is fantastic in math!
- He is an amazing big brother
- Wants to play the guitar and take karate
- He is very helpful around the house and earns allowence now... how cute :)
- Everytime I cough or sneeze, he is right there asking, "are you okay momma?"
- He is very independent and knows what he wants
- He gives the best kisses around.
- He picks flowers for me several times a week. Even if it is a weed, he is so pleased with himself.
- He still calls me "girly-girl" and I love it.

- A ball of fire
- Is talking our ears off now... seriously...
- When she hugs you, it is with everything she has and then some. She literally squeezes as hard as she can.
- She has to be reminded frequently that I am the momma. Not her.
- She HATES messes. She would be happy with a baby wipe cleaning all day.
- She is scared of the Geico commercial with the eyes on top of the hands
- She is even more afraid of mannequins.
- She is amazing. Beautiful. Smart.

Shannon and I are fantabulous. Now that school is back in session, things are getting a little more routine which I really like.
We are also adopting again. We have completed the classes that are required for DSS and will have our DHEC inspection and fire inspection sometime soon. Mrs. Teresa that did our homestudy for China will also be doing this one. She is such a sweet lady and knows more about us than anyone really should :) Not sure about the time line with this adoption. We are open to either gender ages 4 and under. I will most certainly keep you all updated :)
Anyway, let me know how all of you are doing!! Hope you are all well!