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Monday, August 20, 2007

I give the first day of school a big fat F!

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So Elias gets up this morning and he is excited! More excited to eat in the cafeteria than anything else. I am happy for him, he has always been a social thing so i figured this would be a breeze! Today he was wearing a white polo shirt with camo shorts and tennis shoes. Man he looked cute! My friend Rene and her son Owen, who is in the same class as Elias, all rode together today. We get to the school and we are directed to go into the "Multipurpose Room". There about a bajillion kindergartners and there parents in this HOT HOT room. Way to too, kinda like breath. Anyway, after eleventy-seven hours we are directed to follow the teacher and go to class. We had to put their school supplies out in front of their classroom and leave. Some of the kids parents were there and some had already dropped them off. We are walking in this line, well, it wasn't really a line... and the teacher is WAY ahead of us. Some of these kids could have dipped and she would have never even known because she never ONCE turned around to see her following. Strike One. Strike two came when I get a phone call from Rene and she said that her son didn't eat lunch today. I said WHAT! I saw her give the teacher the envelope that had Owens lunch money in it, why didn't he eat? Well, apparently Owen wanted to bring his lunch box to school today... hello, it was transformers!!! So she packed a snack for him for after school on the way home. That is why she told the teacher "here is owens lunch money for the WEEK." not for tuesday-friday but for the week. They thought the lunch that he had in the lunch box was his lunch. (Six chips and a granola bar just doesn't look like lunch to me, how about to you???) Rene talked to them about it and they said... oh sorry! We don't keep track of who eats in the cafeteria and who brings there lunch. All we do is turn the money into the cafeteria and that's all." How very reassuring. And no he isn't my child, but yes the mama bear came out... Third strike, and you guys are going to Love this one... My mom picked Elias up from school today because I had to work. She sat in the car line for an hour, which is understandable. First day of school = craziness! Elias gets in the car and he has blood on his shirt, on both of his arms and on his leg. My mom asked him what happened and he said he ran into the swing set at school. I guess they didn't take time to give him a Kleenex or wipe it because he apparently wiped his nose on both arms and some dripped on his nose. Anyway, when mom picked him up, he had been sitting outside for an hour and had blood all around his nose and a clot thingy in his right nose. Now I know my kid and I know that when it gets hot like this his nose bleeds. But did they even look at him all day??? The blood on his arms and leg were dried. He is a white kid with a white shirt on... how could they not see that! When he got in the car with mom, he said he was thirsty so she ran by the gas station and he drank a whole bottle of water. I am so angry right now. He is 5 people! There was no note sent home and no phone call as to why he was bleeding or had blood on his clothes. So over all I give that school a big fat F!!!!!!!!

**After thinking some more about that... how do they know that he isn't anemic? How do they know that he doesn't have HIV or hep? We were not required to list such things on his registration form. Pretty comforting, don't you think???

*** Elias will be moved to a new classroom as of this coming Monday! I am so glad! Thanks to all that have said a prayer! ***


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Tomorrow is our baby's first day of kindergarten. I am kinda sad and mostly happy! Sad because he will be away from home all day and there will be no more sleep in days for us! I so enjoyed the days that I didn't have to work and we would sleep in and wake up all sleepy together! Elias is NOT a morning person, I repeat NOT a morning person! He usually goes to bed around 9ish and would sleep until 10 if we would let him. He loves waking up on his own and hates being woken up! So tomorrow will be such a big day for him! He is really excited that he will be making new friends and he is really jazzed about eating lunch in the cafeteria (ugh!). He will make it just fine! He is such a social butterfly and is such a kindhearted kid! We will be waking up at 6... wish us luck! I will post pictures as soon as I get home. They are having a "boo-hoo" breakfast for the parents of the kindergartners tomorrow ... isn't that sweet??? Wish us luck... My baby is growing up :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!! Thanks Peggy! Peggy is a friend of mine that is adopting Grace from China! Hopefully Grace and Norah will grow up to be the best of friends! Here are my responses:

1) Working at Silverman Consulting
2) Living in Mt. Pleasant
3) Partying like a rock star
4)Not knowing what I was missing if I fast-forwarded to about 1999!
5) Being miserable!

1) Cappuchino Blasts from Baskin Robbins
2) Double Stuff Oreo's
3) Chocolate Milkshakes
4) Hersey Bar
5) Chocolate covered strawberries

1) Maggie May - Edwin McCain
2) Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
3) Praise you in this storm: Casting Crowns
4) Kiss - Prince
5) Betty Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes (?)

1) Tithe 10%
2) Pay off all debt including house and buy a Tahoe!
3) Buy my parents a new house
4) Take a big vacation with family and close friends
5) Adoopt a few more kids and be a stay at home mom!

1) Biting my nails
2) Popping my knuckles
3) Laziness, especially with housework
4) Too much play and not enough work (see #3)
5) Listening to music WAY too loud!

1) Snuggle up next to Elias in bed and watch TV
2) Spend my Friday's with my mom and Elias and my sister when she is off work
3) Have girl's night
4) Family Time
5) Go to Wal-Mart

1) "leggings"
2) parachute pants
3) Jelly Shoes (MAN they hurt!)
4) Black Jeans
5) Bikini :(

1. Val
2. Lara
3. Mom
4. Heather
5. Tammy

Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally DTC!

Yeah! I was wondering if it was ever going to happen! I am so excited! And we are LID on my little sisters birthday! Awwww :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We finally have all of our stuff at the agency now and hopefully as we speak they are translating things and putting a pretty red bow on to send to China! I can't belive that it is finally done! Hopefully we will be DTC soon and then a quick LID! Will blog more later when little man is asleep tonight! We just got back from the pool and I feel a chlorine induced nap coming on. Aren't they the best! Back soon!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The brown envelope...

We got our brown envelope today! I was so excited! Some people get the envelope, some people don't but I am really glad that I got it! Had a pretty emotional last few days... The brown envelope is just basically them saying hey, we got your uscis stuff and sure, you can adopt from China. Very very cool!
Elias left to go to North Carolina with my mom and the fam. I miss that little fartblossom! I just never really realized how much he is woven into my day and into my every waking hour. You will never believe what I did! Some of this may be TMI but those of you that are mom's you will get a big kick out of it. My mom came and picked him up about 2 on Tuesday. So, I send him off and feel sad for a few minutes. I sat on the couch to think about him and then I lay on the couch. And don't you know I fell right to sleep! Woke up and made dinner. After dinner I - and here is the really cool part- I sat on the couch with a bag of Oreo's and read my book! I really did! And after that I took a nice long hot tubby - ALONE- and then finished the night off my watching TLC and HGTV before I went to bed! It was a dream come true I tell you!
I miss him though, and he will be back on Monday! Wonder how may Oreo's and tubby's I can fit in before he gets home?