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Monday, January 26, 2009

chinese new year Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy New Year everyone! We will be celebrating this weekend and I will post pics as soon as I can :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Norah LOVES nail polish. I paint her piggies at least once a week, and to be 2 that girl does not MOVE until she blows on them for 5 minutes and then touches them to make sure they aren't tacky. So Santa brought her this really cool (cringe) Princess (cringe) set that has fake makeup and polish. So I sat down beside her the other night and she wanted to paint momma's piggies too. Such a sweet girly girl

My favorites....

Her first haircut :)

Norah got her hair cut on Sunday. Just a little trim here and there and the "orphanage mullet" as I call it is gone. She looks so stinkin cute!!!


A little trim here...

A little snip there...

A little chocolate for being such a big girl!

Looks so sassy in the back!!


Thank You Jenna!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Date with Kate...

Kate Gosselin that is. I must admit that although I watch this show, I sometimes question the way that Kate treats her husband and I also wonder at what point she is going to go completely postal....

That being said, I was grocery shopping the other day and noticed that they had flyers up advertising that Kate Gosselin would be at Wal-Mart doing a book signing/meet the author for the families book that was just released called Multiple Blessings. I called Elias right away to tell him this wonderful news... I say that half joking!
J and K plus 8 happens to be one of his favorite shows and you can catch him (and usually I) every Monday night snuggled in bed watching the show. He knows all of the kids names and can recall episodes like nobodies business.

So I call him to tell him the big news and from that day he counted down every single day until she would be here. In the mornings he would say, "Momma, only 6 more days!" And the countdown continued until Friday. He stayed at my moms house Thursday night because he didn't have school Friday and I was working Thursday night.

We got to Wal-Mart about 5:15 to wait in line. Lucky for us, we were about the 30th person to get in line. By the time 7 rolled around the line had wrapped all the way around the store and into lawn and garden. Oh, I forgot to add that when we woke up at my moms house on Friday he said, "Nana, today is the day. Today I am going to meet Kate. Can you believe it??" Seriously.

I had gone to Wal-Mart earlier that day to get the book for her to sign. And gave it to elias when he got home from my moms. We ate dinner really quick and hit the road to meet Kate. Like I said, we stood in line for about an hour and 45 minutes. I finally gave Elias my watch because every 5 minutes he would ask me what time it was. Not such a great idea. I then heard, "Momma, it's 5:45". "Momma, it's 5:46". "Momma, it's 5:47" You get the picture.

FINALLY!!! IT IS 7:00!!!!!!!! Ryan, my next door neighbors boyfriend, came up to see what the fuss was about and soon found himself with a 6 year old on his shoulders craning his neck to see "Kate". yes, they are on a first name basis.

He finally saw her coming down one of the isles and I seriously thought that kis was going to pass out. His face tuned 5 shades of red and these welp things were crawling up his neck. I honestly couldn't help but laugh. Is that bad???

The line moved really fast and then it was Elias's turn. he had rehearsed for days what he was going to say to her and as he approached the table the conversation went a little something like this:

K: Hi! How are you!
E: Hi
(He hands her his book at this point)
E: I love your show (Deer in the headlights look on his face)
K: Well good, I am so glad that you enjoy it!
E: Me and my mom snuggle down and watch your show every Monday night (Deer in the headlights still there...)
K: Well thank you so much! Have a good night!
E: I love your show. Bye! Thank you!

Seriously, I laughed the whole way home.

He woke up the next morning and said, "Momma, can you belive that we met Kate? this is too good to be true."


I will laugh at this picture for years to come...

This is where we were in line. Not too bad considering
it was wrapped all the way around the store!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Norah's 2nd Birthday

We had Norah's party on Saturday at Gahagan Park. Now you would THINK that in January you would never think of having a party at the park but it was 70 degrees and beautiful!! We were going to originally have it at my house but when I saw that the weather would be nice I deceided to change the location. I am so glad that I did and it turned out wonderful. We had just a few friends and family celebrate Norah's 2nd birthday. I know that she was slightly overwhelmed and when it came time to sing happy birthday she did her best shy face and started picking her fingernails. She was so happy to be able to run around and play. All the kids had a blast! W took alot of pics, but these are my favorite ones. Hope you enjoy!!

Elias... You will notice he isn't in alot of the pictures. He was playing
the whole time and avoiding the camera.

She loves her babies.

I'm sorry, did you say there were no more presents???

Norah and her cupcake purse :)

Grandpa and Zoey

Her first piece of birthday cake given by Mi-mi :)

A little quiet time with momma

Make a wish baby girl :)

awwww :)

Wes the tree monkey :)

Maria and her girls :)


Gammy, Poppy, Elias and Norah

Cole, Zo-Bug and Norah

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I knew that Norah's birthday would stir some emotions that would cause me to swallow the lump in my throat. I knew this. I just didn't believe it. I was at work tonight and as I looked at the clock at 00:05 on January 6, 2009, my mind was taken to a place that I have feared many times.
I began to immediately feel this soreness in my chest. A tightening that would wrap itself around my heart and just squeeze. A feeling of wanting to ball up in a corner and sob. A feeling of helplessness and tragedy.
I just think back to this day 2 years ago, and can only begin to feel what Norah's Birth Mother must have been feeling. To have her fate played out like it had with so many women in China. To give birth to this amazing creature that stirred inside of her for 9 months only to have that small one ripped out of her life forever. As a mother to Elias and Norah, hell nor high water could keep me from my children. There is not a mountain that I wouldn't jump nor an ocean that I would not swim to get to my children. And to loose all of that... I would be a shell of a woman.

To give birth to this perfect creature, this little girl named Norah, and know that she would eventually have to give her up... I am sure that this "birth"day was one of mixed emotions. To look into those eyes for the very first time and also for the very last. To kiss those sweet, sweet cheeks as she was cuddling her daughter and to kiss those same sweet cheeks as she said goodbye. The heartbreak would be unbearable. But today, I honor her. Norah's birth mother. The woman that gave birth to her somewhere in China. A woman that is no doubt thinking of her baby today. I hope that she has peace in her heart.

I know that Norah's birth mother will never read this. I know that things did not play out the way they have been depicted in this post. I know that the circumstances were different. But I hope and pray that her mother knew that halfway across the world, there was another mother praying for her and her daughter. Another mother that can't wait to see her sweet baby girl blow out her birthday candles. A mother that thanks her for being so courageous and so selfless.

Norah has been through so much these past two years. Her first six months with her birth mother. The next year with her nanny, and now with her forever family. I hope that I am one day as resilient as she is. She is amazing.

And she is my daughter.
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Happy Birthday my sweet Norah! We can hardly believe that six months has come and gone since you have been home with us. Everyday you amaze us and we are so blessed to have you for a daughter. There is not a day that goes by that I don't look at you in awe and thank God that you are actually mine and you are home.

So Happy Birthday baby girl. Your daddy and I, and Elias too, love you so very much and wish you the best birthday.