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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do I see a light?

Just a little FYI for people that read this blog... We are done with our homestudy and we just recently got an email from the dossier department in Georgia and they got our homestudy as well. They reviewed it and will let our social worker know of any problems that they found. We will then file our I600A, get our fingerprints done and begin all of the tedious paperwork for our dossier. Please pray for us that this will all go smoothly! I am not looking forward to the hours and hours of paperwork! For those of you that know me know that I am not good with staying on task and finishing a project! :) Once we send the dossier to China and it has been translated there and they rake it over with a fine tooth comb, they will give is a Log In Date (LID) and then we begin the wait. (A long wait might I add). So that's all that's going on with the adoption front... Hope all of you are doing well! XOXO The Sharp 3 XOXO

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Long Time...

I know that most of you probably thought that we dropped off the face of the earth, but alas... we are here! Things are going fabulous on the adoption front. Just had our last homestudy on Friday (Shannon's birthday) and we got the rough draft today! We are just waiting for the rest of Shannon's blood work to come back and then our homestudy is DONE! We got an email from the agency today about our dossier. I feel so grown up and stuff now! We even have a User Name and password! Yipeee! Other than that we are just cruising by. Work sleep play and then repeat!