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Sunday, August 03, 2008


So sorry to have kept you all waiting :) Every time I try to post something comes up :) We are all loving being home and Norah seems to be fitting in perfectly, although I never doubted that for a moment! We have had an incredible first week home and are loving every moment that we have with that sweet thing! Elias loves her so much and cannot get enough of her! Thanks to all that stopped by this week to visit! We all enjoyed you coming over and seeing everyone!
So I thought I would begin by telling you some things that we know about Norah this far:
* She LOVES her yellow blanket. When she gets tired she shoves (and I do mean shoves) it into her mouth and sucks on it. That is her pappy. It is precious but it needs to be washed every other day...
* She knows the sign for "more"
* She says mama and dada already and uses it appropriately. We are still working on
Elias! That one could be a bit harder!
* She LOVES to eat! She is not a big meat or cheese eater but she did surprise
herself the other night and she ate barbecue chicken from the grill. She has an
appetite like a grown man... seriously.
* She will do the fake cough if you pat her on the back and ask her if she is okay
* She will fake a sneeze
* She is a great sleeper! Like a 12 hour sleeper! Don't be jealous :)
* She gives the sweetest kisses EVER!
* When she eats something that she really likes she does the "mmmmm"

She is such a joy to us and everyone that she meets! I am going to post some pics from the last week. Today we went to Wild Dunes with my in laws and SIL and nieces and nephew. Some of the pics are with the cool kids :) Hope you enjoy!!!


Melanie W. said...

Congratulations once again!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments on your blog.
I am glad to know that you are adjusting well. I will continue to pray for your precious little ones.
Melanie Wyrick

wingepr said...

Just as beautiful as i knew they would be. So glad to know that all is going well.

Cant wait to see you guys.


Anonymous said...

what a cutie!! UGH!! (wanting to grab her face) :) i miss that little face; i haven't seen her in 3 whole days!!!!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! That is what your family is. Elias is such a sweetheart in these pictures...I am going to send you an offline e-mail later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. I love reading your blogs about the fam. The kids look great together and soo loving. Liz