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Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Thankful

My life is more amazing that I ever dreamed. When I was a little girl, I would sit on the floor and play with my Barbie's and just dream of how my life would be right down to my perfect 2.5 kids. Boy was that WAY off the mark! Nothing happened in the order that it was planned. And it is perfect. Sometimes the way WE want things to happen and the way GOD wants things to happen are totally different. I have learned to rest in His perfect peace and His will for my life. He has given me over and above what I deserve and more than I ever wanted. I am so thankful for everything in my life even when things do not go perfectly or when I really want to pull my hair out... which tends to happen more frequently now. Everyday when I see Norah open up a bit more I can't help but capture that playful spirit as well. When she was first placed in my arms her eyes had no shine. I now see a small sparkle and I see a beautiful flower blossoming into a happy child. I know that it will take time and nurturing for that flower to fully bloom. We are all doing the best that we can to make sure her needs are met and that she is a happy girl. And a majority of the time she is! But it's those sweet tender moments that I am holding her and she is taking her last bottle of the day. She rubs my hands so gently and looks me square in the eyes. When I look back at her I see a little more trust and a little girl that is healing day by day. I see another sparkle in her eye. She will come full circle and she will be comfortable in her skin one day. And when she does, the world better watch out... She will be the most beautiful flower the world has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

picture perfect sounds so cliche, but that's exactly what these pictures are; they're just perfect.


Our Precious Treasure said...

Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Mac said...


The pictures are awesome and your words are just beautiful. Thank you and your family for sharing with all of us.

Janet said...

I totally agree, the pictures are beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Penny they are beautiful. To see the two of them together looks like they were ment to be together. You can tell Elias loves his little sister. Hope to see you soon. Liz

Ke said...

Penny, You have the most beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I am so lucky to have met you and gotten to know your family. The new pictures are beautiful. It is absolutely amzing the transformation I can see in Norah, just in the pics you share. Even in the pictures you can see the spark that is starting in her eyes. Joey, Gabe, and I are better people for knowing y'all. We love all of you, Kerri, Joey, and Gabe

Nick said...

Thanks for the card. Jess and I had a wonderful time. We're very happy for you and Shannon. Give us a call when you can.


wingepr said...

OMG I love those pics. They are beyound beautiful! I am so happy for you!

God has certainly blessed you and your family. Norah looks great.


lara said...

wonderful pictures, you have a beautiful family.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Youre blog is Fantastic & Ive added it to my blogs sidebar. Im so thrilled with what you are doing here! I found you by chance while searching the internet for an image that would embody the word "Thankful". I was posting about what I am thankful to God for and how I will serve Him today. So happy to have ended up here! Wonderful work youre doing