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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Norah had her first ultrasound this morning and as far as the ultrasonographer could tell it look good and there was no tumor. She will go back again in 3 months to have another one done. Norah was NOT, I repeat NOT happy with all of the shenanigans going down this morning. She screamed. They bribed her with cookies and juice and she still let everyone (in the hospital) know how she felt about being there! But, when all was said and done we got the job done. She wasn't able to eat or drink anything this morning so I am sure that had alot to do with her unhappiness. She is a 2-scrambled-egg-and-half-a-banana kinda gal in the mornings.
Please continue to pray that she remains tumor free!!

Peace and Love!


Anonymous said...

Prayers are coming to your family for this. I know it was hard on you having her go through the test. God bless you.


Mac said...


Absolutely! We will keep Norah and your family in our prayers. I know it's hard to put the little ones through any kind of testing, but she will forget all about it. It most likely hurt your heart more than it hurt her. She knows her Mommy, Daddy and big brother love her so.

Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

We will keep you close to our hearts and in our prayers. Give Norah a big hug from us. We miss you so much. Iain has Elias and Norah's picture by his bed. He is really missing his buddy!!!!