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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She's Having a BABY!!!

So this was my big news! My best friend of 20 years is having a baby! Val will officially be in her 2nd trimester on Saturday! Her two boys are Tanner and Cole and they are Elias's best friends. You will see them in many many pictures with Elias.
Tanner is 8 and Cole is 6.
I was packing for China and Val came over one day just to pop in to say hi. I was pretty flustered from packing and looking a hot mess on top of it. She came in and we made the small talk, you know... How is your day going, blah blah blah. She says, "Let me show you these really cute cards that I got for the boys." She hands me this card that says, "Guess who is going to be a big brother!!" I thought it was cute but to be honest, it really didn't dawn on me! I said, "oh VAl that is cute!" And then it sank in... YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!! We were laughing, and I was crying just beside myself! I am soooo very happy for her and her family! She had a rough beginning with the pregnancy and was on bed rest for a while, but she looks amazing! I am so happy to be sharing this with her. We are hoping and praying it is a girl so her and Norah can grow up together like we did. If not, Norah will be the only girl and will probably never have a boyfriend if it is up to the boys! Tanner and Cole are amazing with Norah and I am so glad that they will have a new baby in their life too! I love you AC and I cannot wait to kiss that peanut!! XOXO So here is a pic of Val a few days ago... look at that precious belly! And then my favorite picture of us... Enjoy! Please keep Val and our peanut in your prayers!

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p.s. i thought your favorite pic of us was me lying on the floor and you smiling next to me at our NYE party? :)-