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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do you have the toothfairy's e-mail address?

tooth fairy

This is how my day started off. Mind you I worked Tuesday night and was TRYING to sleep on Wednesday when all of these shananigans took place.
Picture this...

I am asleep in my bed about 9:30ish this morning. Danielle was over babysitting because Elias is out of school for winter break. He is in the bed with me snuggled up watching TV. I'm a good mom, I know. Anyway, he wakes me up and from the way he is talking he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. Now I was pretty out of it because I had been sleeping for about an hour or so. The conversation goes a little something like this:

E: Momma, wake up! Momma
P: Yes son, I am trying to sleep. What?
E: Momma, hold out your hand!
P: What? (I hold out my hand just to keep him happy)
E: (Spits his tooth in my hand) Look!
P: No way! Your tooth fell out! Good job!

He gets this really concerned look on his face at this point and I ask him what was wrong. He says:

"Momma, I am going to Coley's sleepover tonight. Can you email (THAT'S RIGHT MY FRIENDS HE DID JUST SAY THAT!) the tooth fairy and just let her know that I won't be home tonight, and to come tomorrow night?"

Sure I say! And just to put a spin on things I ask him if he knows the tooth fairy's email address.

"It's toothfairy@yahoo.com."

I love that kid more than life itself!

I will post pics of him when I get off this am!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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I am really trying to be patient. I really am. It is just so hard after knowing that feeling of pure love. I am hoping that we hear something the next list which may come out in January. I am just not sure. I will be so happy to hear Pam's voice again...

Happy Holiday's everyone! XOXO

Monday, December 03, 2007


I got these red thread bracelets in the mail today! Aren't they cool?? I opened them in the car on the way to see the Christmas lights and to get dinner. I put Elias' on him and told him that if anyone asked what it was he could tell them about baby sister. I was in the front seat with Shannon and I told him that I got him a bracelet too. I asked him if he would wear it and he said sure! I was kinda shocked really... I asked him of he knew what the Red Thread was and he said, "It is an ancient Chinese belief that there is a red thread that connects everyone that is supposed to be a family. And Norah is our daughter and we have to wear it until she comes home." I had tears fill my eyes. This man is beautiful. I am such a lucky girl :)