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Monday, February 08, 2010

This is for a friend :)

This is the main street that the SWI was off of

The sign

As we were leaving the SWI. The buildings that you see are the back of stores

The clinic that is on the grounds in between the swi and the foster family housing

Laundry day :) The special care nursery is to the right on the second floor

The playground

Main awning

The main gate as you are leaving. The swi is behind us


Elder housing


The room Norah was in

This is where Norah lived. The bottom is the toddler room. The top is the special care nursery. See the yellow shirts that are in the blue left window? These were the "half the Sky" shirts for the nannies

Coming into the gates

Leaving... :( Turned around to catch another big picture. The pointy red top that you see us the SWI